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Dive into a transformative journey tailored for ambitious companies and startups ready to scale. Our Innovation Launchpad Program is a holistic experience designed to supercharge your growth trajectory. With the Ramin Consulting team, you gain access to industry insights, a vast network, and hands-on support, ensuring you’re equipped to navigate the challenges of the business world with success.

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Innovation Launchpad

at a Glance

Pre-Seed Funding (**only for startups**)

☑ Up to €1 Million initial funding, with a potential of up to €500K in grants
☑ Investors will then receive 20-25% of company shares


☑ An intensive 3-month collaborative acceleration program with support of industry experts
☑ Expect go-to-market after the first 6 weeks if you have a completed MVP

Eligibility Criteria​

☑ Companies with a viable product ready
☑ First pilot customer is a plus
☑ Company currently generating ARR


Receive full support with minimum:
☑ Product Market Fit
☑ Marketing Strategy
☑ Sales Support
☑ Network & Investment

Innovation Launchpad
Steps to Growth
Product Presentation

Founders introduce their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to our team of experts, highlighting its core features. Together, we identify key enhancements and quick wins, and set actionable objectives for product refinement. Feedback is given, providing founders with a focused direction for development and improvement.

Feedback Implementation

Work to integrate our expert feedback, focusing on enhancing the MVP’s most critical features and user experience. Milestones are established to ensure new implementations are on track and aligned with the product’s strategic goals.

Market Alignment

Understand your market, know your competitors, and identify your unique selling point. During the Market Alignment phase, we dive deep into market research, competitor analysis, and customer personas. This phase ensures your product fits market needs and sets the stage for a successful launch.


Ready, set, launch! In the Go-To-Market phase, we focus on your launch strategy, marketing plan, and sales channels. We’ll craft compelling narratives for your brand, strategize your launch event, and prepare you for the public debut of your product.

Growth & Scaling
Post-launch, our attention shifts to scaling your business. We’ll explore new market opportunities, optimize your sales funnel, and implement growth hacking techniques. With continuous monitoring and performance analytics, we’ll help you grow your customer base and revenue exponentially.
Investor Connect

In the Investor Connect phase, we prepare you for the world of fundraising. You’ll learn how to create a great pitch deck, understand the art of valuation, and practice your pitch with real investors. We facilitate introductions to our network of angel investors, venture capitalists, and investment firms eager to fund your company.

The Ramin Consulting
Holistic Growth Approach

Our program is designed to address every facet of companies needs. From mentorship and marketing to fundraising and product-market fit, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to propel startups to the market in just 6 weeks.

Team of Innovation Experts

You're not just partnering with a team - you're aligning with seasoned experts who have over 100 years of combined startup experience. Benefit from our insights, lessons and strategies that can significantly reduce your learning curve and accelerate your company's growth.

Global Network Access

Dive into our vast network of industry leaders, investors and innovators from Europe to Asia. We open doors to invaluable connections, potential partnerships, and investment opportunities, placing your startup in the limelight of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Innovation Launchpad
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