Unlocking the Potential of Corporate Innovation
Week 1 Getting Acquainted
Day 1
Consultation Meeting & Success Blueprint
We'll kick off with an in-depth discussion to understand your company's vision, goals, and unique selling points.
Day 4
Innovation Questionnaire Distribution
We'll provide you with a detailed questionnaire covering aspects such as your brand's problems, values and visions for the future.
Week 2 Understanding Your Problems
Day 11
Questionnaire Review Meeting
In this meeting, we'll review your completed questionnaire, clarifying any points as needed.
Day 12
Strategy Brainstorming
Our team will analyze the gathered information and brainstorm ideas to create a comprehensive startup building plan tailored to your company's needs.
Week 3 Strategy Development
Day 17-19
Blueprint Creation
Our team will use the whole Week 3 to construct a detailed innovation blueprint for your company's growth.
Week 4 Innovation Plan Presentation
Day 22
Detailed Plan Presentation
We'll present our findings and a detailed plan encompassing all recommended strategies based on your company's goals.
Let's Make Your Company's story a Remarkable One!

If you choose to do our Incorporation Readiness Program but prefer to not navigate the building process alone, our team is here to help!

A man gives a presentation about our Growth Catalyst Program
Corporate Venture Building
What You Can Expect

Corporate Venture Concept 

We will guide you through creating a tailored venture concept designed to address your specific business challenges.


Our team will help you identify if your venture's offerings resonate with customer needs and market trends.


Once we have a concept, we will do internal validation with our team as well as with external partners to see the feasibility and demand.

Incorporation Readiness

We will prepare you for the incorporation process, including legal requirements and business structure.

Business/ Financial Planning 

You'll receive assistance in developing a business plan, financial forecasts and an approach to securing grants.


The workshop will teach you all the knowledge and skills you will need to create your venture within 90 days.

Corporate Venture Building
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Education Keynote

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Venture Ideation

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Corporate Venture Building
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