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Bring your established company to unparalleled heights with our Growth Catalyst Program. This program is specifically tailored for companies boasting a product that’s ready to make waves and is designed to supercharge your business. Dive deep into advanced growth strategies, leverage our extensive network, and benefit from hands-on mentorship. We focus on what we do best – expanding your venture and ensuring you’re successful.

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Growth Catalyst
Program at a Glance


This is a 6-month growth program, with the first month being your Growth Kickstarter. We do guarantee to have your first sales meeting by the end of week 4!

Program Cost

This 6-month program will cost a minimum of €50k and/or negotiable percentage of company shares. This price also includes our mandatory Growth Kickstarter.

Eligibility Criteria​

☑ Companies with a viable product ready
☑ First pilot customer is a plus
☑ Company currently generating ARR


Receive full support with minimum:

☑ Marketing Strategy & Execution
☑ Sales Support
☑ Lead Generation
☑ Network
☑ Mentorships

Growth Catalyst
Roadmap to Expansion
Growth Kickstarter

Dive deep into your company’s vision, goals, and unique selling points to align our strategies during the first month of our program. Through a detailed questionnaire, we grasp your brand’s values, audience, competitors, and objectives.

Strategy Development

Analyze the gathered data to craft a comprehensive marketing plan tailored to your needs. Develop detailed customer personas to guide targeted marketing efforts.

Product-Market-Fit Assessment

Test your product with early adopters, iterating based on feedback. Assess market demand, adjust pricing and positioning, and monitor key metrics.

Content & Outreach

Develop a robust content plan, including blog posts, social media, knowledge bases, and more. Craft personalized outreach strategies across various channels to engage potential clients.

Digital Presence Enhancement

Establish more authority on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram through more consistent and optimized posting. Enhance your website for user experience and search engine visibility (SEO).

Campaign Execution & Action Plan
Launch and manage three distinct campaigns, each designed to target specific objectives and audiences. Afterwards, develop a detailed action plan for the next six months, ensuring continued growth and success.
The Ramin Consulting
Expertise in Scaling Solutions

Leverage our deep understanding of the growth challenges. Our team has a proven track record of guiding startups through this critical phase, ensuring they not only survive, but thrive, and achieve exponential growth.

Tailored Growth Strategy
Our Growth Catalyst Program offers strategies tailored to the unique needs of established startups. By understanding your company's specific challenges, strengths, and market position, we craft a growth plan that's aligned with your vision and goals.
Global Network Access
Joining our program means plugging into a vast network of industry leaders, successful founders, and potential partners across the globe. This network can open doors to new markets, strategic partnerships, and invaluable mentorship opportunities.
Growth Catalyst
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