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Join our Investor Matchmaking Program and connect with high-potential startups. We curate a selection of ventures that align with your investment vision, ensuring you tap into opportunities poised for growth. Expand your portfolio, invest in innovation, and secure promising high-return ventures with us.

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Our Matchmaking

Startup Database​

Dive into our expansive database, boasting over 1,000 early-stage European ventures spanning various industries

Tailored To You​

We create a custom-made list of startups that align with your target group, ensuring a perfect match every time​

Venture Profiles​

We provide all the essential details, from financials to founder backgrounds, of all our startups to ensure you know everything​


We collaborate with you to handpick the best startups, facilitating matchmaking through presentations, pitches, events or meetups​

Exclusive Access​

We handle all the legalities and contract details, granting you the exclusive right to invest before others even get the opportunity​

Additional Support​

We offer you optional expert due diligence and legal support to ensure your investments are both sound and secure​

Embark on Your
Matchmaking Journey
1. Dynamic Database Creation
We begin by building and continuously updating our startup database, ensuring fresh and relevant opportunities
2. Personalized Investor Profiles
Next, we craft a unique investor profile for everyone in our system and add to our database
3. Curated Startup Lists
Based on what you are looking for, we handpick a shortlist of startups that align with your investment vision
4. Collaborative Filtering
Together, we sift through the curated list, pinpointing the startups that resonate most with your objectives
5. Comprehensive Venture Profiles
For each potential match, we provide detailed profiles, offering insights into their finances, products, clients and team
6. Efficient Investor Matchmaking
Once we have our finalists, we organize optimized matchmaking sessions, ensuring a productive use of your time
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Industry Events

Find the Ramin Consulting team at leading ecosystem events across the globe. We’re not just spectators at these conferences – we’re active participants eager to connect, discuss and explore potential collaborations. Be sure to reach out if you are looking to network!

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